Gatepass Application

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Terms & Condition
  • All applicants shall carry a valid Qatari ID or Passport for gate pass purpose.
  • Full Name and Qatari ID or Passport number shall be correctly filled in.
  • Individuals with expired Qatari ID or Passport and incorrect details will not be allowed to enter Umm Al Houl Plant by MOI Industrial Security
  • Visa number and Expiry Date shall be entered for persons who do not have Qatari ID.
  • Qatari ID or Passport shall be deposited to MOI Industrial Security for Plant entry purpose.
  • Gate pass must be applied 48 hours prior to visit.
  • Qatari ID holder must have a METRASH exit/entry travel report and ETHERAZ included on scanned PDF documents
  • Declaration document must be downloaded, signed, and uploaded in attached PDF

Visitor information

Visitor Full Name Visitor Company QID/Passport QID/Passport Expiry Date Attachment
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Other information

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