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At Umm Al Houl Power we have a strong commitment to giving back to the communities in which we serve. Moving towards environmental sustainability and ensuring a high level of corporate social responsibility form important foundations for our business operations. Our CSR strategy encompasses promoting education in different sectors and enhancing sustainability awareness in the community.


“Sustainability Approach in Energy Generation and Water Desalination”

In partnership with OEM Siemens AG and Acciona Agua, UHP held a hands-on workshop for engineering students that showcased the use of new technologies for sustainable energy generation and desalinated seawater.
The workshop also made students aware of Sustainable development goals and provided them with the opportunity to connect with industry experts and global companies. The workshop raised awareness among students and inspired the next generation of energy leaders.

“Human Driven Impacts on The Marine Health of The Arabian Gulf”

Qatar University workshop Designed to study the potential impacts of desalination activities on the Arabian Gulf. The workshop covered broad aspects regarding the marine health of the Arabian Gulf. In addition to desalination processes and brine discharge, it will cover different human driven impacts on the Gulf. Moreover, Mitigation and restoration measures will be place under the spotlight with innovative approaches to protect the marine environment. UHP support this research project by all what they need.


UHP support research studies taken by Qatar University research and development department funded by NPRP, that studies the Impact of the industries on the marine health.


A Blood donation camp held on April 25 2019 at Umm AlHoul Power Plant where employees along with UHP’s Contractors and Sub-Contractors activity participated and donated blood.


UHP sponsored the Umm AL Houl Cup in the Qatar Equestrian and Horsing Racing competition held on November 13 2019


Students from Qatar University and fresh graduate engineers from Kahramaa attended training programs in UHP to understand the application of various field of engineering in a power generating and water desalination plant. The duration of the training is from 1 month to 2 years.


As one of the largest Power generation and water desalination company, UHP receiving many site visitors

  • On November 2019 in partnership with the ministry of environment “Urban planning forum” UHP received a visitors from Singapore.
  • Students from different universities ( Taxes A & M and Qatar university ) every quarter for industrial visit